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Description: MOVX moves a byte to or from External Memory into or from the Accumulator. If operand1 is @DPTR, the Accumulator is moved to the 16-bit ... web stats from
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8051 Instruction Set Manual: MOVX
The MOVX instruction transfers data between the accumulator and external data memory. External memory may be addressed via 16-bits in the DPTR register or ...
Home page of MOVX A,@DPTR Team. ... Valid HTML 4.01! Valid CSS! MOVX A,@DPTR. Home page of young programmers' team from Wroclaw, Poland. || Your Online Source to the World of Movies in ...
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MOVX - Move Extended Memory - MOVCX 8051 / 8052 Microcontroller ...
MOVX - Move Extended Memory - MOVX 8051 / 8052 Microcontroller Instruction Set - Instructions Set of 8051 / 8052 - 8052 Microcontroller Tutorial ... movx_move_extended_memory.html
Video - Carl Norton Photos arrangiert von movx
Video - Carl Norton Photos arrangiert von movx. ... Carl Norton Photos arrangiert von movx. 2715 views. score (0). 0 comments. August 03, 2006 ... 8/324cd531-ff72-4459-9dc2-981200c4e6ea.htm
PATCH for movX in md.texi (was Re: PATCH bug with synthesized ...
To: gcc-patches at gcc dot gnu dot org; Subject: PATCH for movX in md.texi (was Re: PATCH bug with synthesized movdi: ...)to parts. From: Hans-Peter Nilsson ...
TV1, Arena, MovX problems [Archive] - Aussie Phorums
For some reason, a little over a week ago TV1, Arena and MovX started acting strange. I get a clear picture for a few seconds then it swaps to an E39 ...
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uses dos,crt; var board : array [0..9,0..9] of byte; board1 ...
... repeat temp:=boardt[movx+p,movy+p]; if temp=1-col then boardt[movx+p,movy+p]:=temp+3; p:=p+1; until ((movx+p) in ins) or (temp=col) or ((movy+p) in ins) ...
RS-232 Data Switch Firmware ; ; ; ; File: INIT.ASM ; ; ; ; This ...
The default ; is to ignore all the auxiliary inputs (no response to DTR ; or DCD going away). mov dptr,#dtrtimtbl clr a mov r0,#maxport dtrloop_1: movx ... - Free Daily Movie Galleires! - StartAid Recommended Sites ~~ Ocean ~~ y Flicks ~~ Duck List X Black Monster ~~ s Mature Post 666 Movies Black Monster ~~ s Free 6 Pig ~~ Dragon ... MOVX-COM---Free-Daily-Movie-Galleires!.html
VMS Help
VMS Help MACRO, VAX MACRO Assembler, Instructions, MOVx *Conan The Librarian. Purpose: Move a scalar quantity Format: opcode src.rx,dst.wx Operation: dst ... Assembler~Instructions~MOVx&title=VMS%20Help&referer=
;FM3808 test program useing 8052 ;Made by peter ;data:2003/02/19 ...
... ORG 100H STAR: MOV SP,#0C2H CALL CLRARE ;Clear ram of 8052 CALL SET3808 ;Set the Register of clock MAIN: MOV DPH,#07FH MOV DPL,#0F0H MAIN1: MOVX A,@DPTR ...
SWITCH 3 VERSIONE "4.0 11/90" @-------------------VOLUMES ...
CYC_.12 : CYTC MBY MOVY=cytc_pos_y, MOVX=cytc_shift, ROTZ=345^; @-------------------MUON ... CYC_.12 : MC4_ MBY MOVY=mc4_pos_y, MOVX=mc4_shift, ROTZ=345^; ...
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QH = "_unsc_hc.movx ;"ipx[7].QL = "_700_hc.movx ;"ipx[7].IH = "_unsc_hc.ipx ; "ipx[7]. ... QL = "_700_hc.movx ;"ipx[6].IH = "_unsc_hc.ipx ; "ipx[6]. ...

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