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The Kiss - Kissing Poems and Quotes
Kissing poems and quotes. A Kiss, the Gift of Love. Kissing is like drinking salted water- You drink, and your thirst increases (Chinese Proverb).
Kissing Quotes, Kiss Sayings, Quotations about Kisses
Quotations about kisses and kissing, from The Quote Garden.
Kisses Quotes
Kisses quotes, Searchable and browsable database of quotations with author and subject indexes. Quotes from famous political leaders, authors, ...
Kiss Quotes, Famous Kiss Quotes, Sayings about Kisses & Kissing
Kiss Quotes, Famous Kiss Quotes, Sayings about Kisses & Kissing.
All the Year Round - Google Books Result
by Charles Dickens - 1887
But not only was it usual for a gentleman to kiss a lady, but it was ceremonious for the sterner sex to thus salute each other. ...
 Venus and Adonis: Critical Essays - Google Books Result
by Philip C. Kolin - 1997 - Literary Criticism - 429 pages
Again according to Platonic doctrine, the climax of courtship comes with the kiss which joins the souls of reasonable lovers. In Castiglione's Courtier ...
 Milton and Heresy - Google Books Result
by Stephen B. Dobranski, John Peter Rumrich - 1998 - Religion - 282 pages
A kiss is a perfect sign, because it is the substance, of this condition. ... "I will but kisse," the poet vows, making do, as the genre requires, ...
 Kissing - Kissing Tips - Kissing Articles - Kissing Videos ...
COUNT A KISS.. Give me a kisse, and to that kisse a score;. Then to that twenty, adde a hundred more; ... Kisses blown are kisses wastedKisses blown are ki. ...
kissing.findyourdesire.com/2011/09/count-kiss.html Hesperides: The Poems and Other Remains of Robert Herrick Now ... - Google Books Result
by Robert Herrick - 1869
GIVE me a kisse, I'll make that odde one even, Then treble that which you have given ; Be sure Fl answer you, and if I misse, Then take a thousand forfeits ...
 The American Magazine - Google Books Result
And take and shake me kindly by the flat, And put me off with dilatory cogges/' In former years the jr::ctice of saluting ladies -with a kiss seems to have ...
 JSTOR: Verbal Ambiguities in Marlowe's Dr. Faustus
At any rate, the Scythian did no; know the im- mortality of Helen's kiss or the ... COLLEGE ENGLISH Sweete Helen, make me immortall with a kisse: Her lips ...
links.jstor.org/ sici?sici=0010-0994(194403)5%3A6%3C339%3AVAIMDF%3E2.0.CO%3B2-A Copyright (C) 1999 Laura E. Conrad lconrad@world.std.com % 233 ...
A c F/ B A/ G A w: when sleepe yeelds more de- light, _ w: may not I steale a kisse, _ w: Thy loves un- kind de- spite, _ w: And livd in sweet em- brace _ ...
www.laymusic.org/music/dowland/fayning/allparts.abc The Works of the English Poets, from Chaucer to Cowper: Including ... - Google Books Result
by Alexander Chalmers, Samuel Johnson - 1810
His breath is also good and swete, And eke his lips roddy and mete, Onely to plaine, and to kisse, Graunt h in a kisse of ...
 The World's Best Poetry ... - Google Books Result
by Bliss Carman - 1904 - Poetry
Heroic Love, Act v. Sc. 1. LORD LANDSDOWNE. Give me a kisse, ... Treble timat million, and when timat is done, Let ‘s kisse ...
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Where others kisse with lip, you give. the cheeke ? Sir J. Harrington's ' Epigrams,' iii. ... in this holy one of the Kisse '• which I shall desire ...
nq.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/s12-I/4/67.pdf Sheet Music Plus - I Dare Not Ask A Kisse (from to Electra Set 1 ...
I Dare Not Ask A Kisse (from to Electra Set 1) (SSATB*) Secular Mixed at Sheet Music Plus - By Gordon Binkerd. (SSATB A Cappella). Boosey and Hawkes Secular ...
wwws.sheetmusicplus.com/ sheetmusic/detail/HL.48003652.html Davison's Poetical Rhapsody - Google Books Result
by Francis Davison, Arthur Henry Bullen - 1890
HE BEGS A KISS. SORROW slowly killeth any, Sudden joy soon murders many ; Then, sweet, ... Ed. i, "a sweet Kisse." * Ed. i, " blisse. ...
 Essays, Plays and Sundry Verses - Google Books Result
by Abraham Cowley - 1906 - 499 pages
And how he talkes; his kisse was honey too, His lips as red and sweet as early ... Would I had had that kisse too ! Bel. How red his cheekes are ! so our ...
 To Each Its Own » Archives » Aishwarya & Hrithik Roshan’s Kissing ...
i think the film dhoom2 was amazing because hrithik looked so gorgues and when he kissed Aishwarya it really suited them both, also i thought that Abishiek ...
sakshijuneja.com/blog/2006/11/ 25/aishwarya-hrithik-roshans-kissing-affair/ The works of Robert Herrick [ed. by T. Maitland]. Repr - Google Books Result
by Robert Herrick - 1823
A kisse. WHAT is a kisse ? Why this, as some approve, The sure sweet sement, glue, and lime of love. GLORIE. I MAKE no haste to have my numbers read ...
 The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of Abraham Cowley: Now for ... - Google Books Result
by Abraham Cowley - 1881
Blesse me, how hee lookes I And how he talkes ; his kisse was honey too, ... Would I had that kisse too I Hyl. How his eye shines I what a bright flame it ...
 Play Shakespeare.com :: The Ultimate Free Shakespeare Resource ...
The first was Menelaus kisse, this mine: Patroclus kisses you. ... Paris and I kisse euermore for him. MENE. Ile haue my kisse sir: Lady by your leaue. ...
www.playshakespeare.com/content/view/1780/565/ Eve Green - Google Books Result
by Susan Fletcher - 2004 - Fiction - 224 pages
The pretty girls of St Bart's wouldn't look at Joe twice, let alone kiss him. ... I announced to the wind that that, too, began with a K. KISSE 5 0 PEND 0 ...
 The Comedy of Errors - Google Books Result
by William Shakespeare - 1907 - 184 pages
25: "Dance, kiss and coll, use everything." On the ground that Middleton may have taken them from his recollection of The Errors, I think the words kiss and ...
 Put a title for your Web Concordance here
Then with a sweet kisse cast thy beames on mee,, 446 ... That art so loth to kisse a youthfull mayd. ... She did intreat at least a sisters kisse;, 784 ...
www.uq.edu.au/emsah/drama/fletcher/ndp/salmacis/ salmacis_complete/salmacis-complete.txt.WebConcordance/c1.htm An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language - Google Books Result
by Walter William Skeat - 1893 - 844 pages
And he cam to Jhesu, to kisse him ; And Jhesus seide to him, Judas, ... Hence the sb. kiss is, practically, a doublet of choice ; and the sense is ...
 The Anatomy of Melancholy - Google Books Result
by Robert Burton - 1994 - Psychology - 832 pages
First a word, and then a kisse, then some other complement, and then a kisse, then an idle question, then a kisse, and when hee hath pumped his wittes dry, ...

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