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What do men mean when they say they don't want children? Posted: 4/20/2011 12:38:19 PM. We're back to the fuking KIDS!!.............. Yeah i know what i ...
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Kevin doesn’t actually give a fuk about the kids. He only married Britney 2 divorce her & sue 4 ‘male alimony’. Stealing the kids ensures a much higher ...
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i seen this shit the other day called, 'Wassup Rockers' , its directed by Larry Clark (Kids), and it was sik as fuk..........similiar to kids in the sense ...
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Ur holdin M16z and ur tellin kids to say fuk our own country,,, Ur day is comin soo America,, believe tht,. baltap aaaarg by baltap, 1186780254 Reply Thumbs ...
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Post a reply to this Topic Groups » Lumahi Hui » Topics » fuking kids can't represent! Post a Reply. Back to Topics · Back to Group. Listing 1-1 of 1 ...
forum.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=messageboard. viewThread&entryID=32230538&groupID=103566958... Random (general) | fuk.co.uk
fuk.co.uk is about the best of UK fashion from the street to the catwalk ... You could argue that Downs kids are not by definition human as they have an ...
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